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Does Your Bank Have the Right to File Foreclosure?

Foreclosure Rights Lawyer in Hollywood, Florida

Starting in the 1990s, some unregulated lenders and brokers took advantage of an opportunity to increase their profit by locking borrowers into a higher-interest-rate loan than what they would qualify for according to their income and credit history. By offering a discounted rate for the first year, lenders gave borrowers a false sense of security that they could afford larger and more expensive homes. They would then pool these loans and sell them to the secondary market, while keeping the servicing rights. Nobody had the incentive to actually sell reliable loans but instead continually profited from these "liar loans."

Unfortunately, many consumers fell trap to these games and were locked into houses that they could barely afford once the interest rate increased. By this time, their loan had been sold and traded through various lenders and banks, with little documentation as to who actually owned the loan.

You may be a victim of these practices.

As soon as you receive notice that your house is being foreclosed on, contact an experienced Miami foreclosure lawyer. It is possible that your bank or lender does not have the necessary documents to prove they "own" the right to collect on your mortgage.

Foreclosure Defense Attorney With Decades of Experience

At the Law Office of Neil Leavitt, P.A., I put more than 35 years of experience to work for you. I will work hard to protect your consumer rights.

As an experienced foreclosure defense attorney, I can help determine whether you are a victim of unfair consumer practices. I will thoroughly investigate the history of the loan and uncover any documentation, or lack thereof, that proves the lender cannot collect on your debts. If this is determined, stopping the foreclosure and/or filing a motion to dismiss the foreclosure are just some of the actions I can take to save your house.

Contact a Miami Foreclosure Lawyer

To learn more about foreclosure deals and how I may be able to help avoid losing your home, contact me online or call 954-335-7025 to schedule a no-cost consultation.

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