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Defending Foreclosure and Saving Families' Homes

The Law Office of Neil Leavitt, P.A. in Hollywood, Florida

You may have lost your job or gotten behind with medical or other bills and now face losing your home. Whether you are upside-down on your mortgage because the value of your property is less than the amount you owe or whether you were a victim of predatory lending, I can help. If a bank told you a loan was affordable but you did not disclose how much it would actually cost each month with interest, property taxes and homeowners insurance added in, I can help.

Whatever the circumstances, the foreclosure process is complex and confusing. For help defending against foreclosure, contact an attorney who understands how to deal with mortgage companies. At the Law Office of Neil Leavitt, P.A., I put over 35 years of trial and negotiation experience to work for you.

Foreclosure Attorney Neil Leavitt

For a free-initial consultation, contact me online or by calling 954-335-7025. I am licensed in Florida, New York and Washington state, and am able to help you defend foreclosures outside of Broward County as well as work with out-of-state clients with property in Florida.

You Have Options

Hollywood, Florida Foreclosure AttorneyThere are different ways to attack a foreclosure proceeding. We can work to keep you in your house or work to get you out of it without permanently damaging your credit. It is possible that the bank trying to foreclose on your property does not even own the right to do so. Mortgages have been sold or traded like stock and may not have the necessary documents to prove they "own" the right to collect on your mortgage. A motion to dismiss or to have the foreclosure declared void are possibilities. I will carefully discuss your situation and circumstances and help you determine which option is best for you.

Some of the common strategies include:

• Stopping the foreclosure
• Filing a motion to dismiss the foreclosure
• Filing a motion to declare the foreclosure void
• Negotiating a work-out for your mortgage
• Negotiating a short sale of the property to a
qualified buyer

For more information on defending foreclosures, see my page on Foreclosure Frequently Asked Questions.

It Is Never Too Early to Contact An Experienced Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Contacting an attorney will establish the time for you to find relief. As soon as you have notice that your house is being foreclosed on, contact an experienced foreclosure lawyer. I can help you file a motion that will allow you to stay in your home until your case is resolved. To learn how I can help you save your house, schedule a no-cost consultation with me online or by calling 954-335-7025.

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