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Insurance: You can't live with it and you can't live without it. But what exactly is insurance? There are two answers: what insurance is supposed to be and what it is: A tale of two cities.

Insurance is a great idea. It is called "spreading the risk".

For example, if I cause an auto accident or you cause an auto accident, perhaps neither one of us can afford to pay for the damage. But if we put our money together, by paying monthly premiums into a pool, the odds are that both of us will not have accidents, and our pooled money will cover the accident if and when it happens. If this "pool" is spread over many thousands or hundreds of thousands of people, we have a real "insurance pool". Sometimes there is even money left over after the end of the year and it is returned to you and I who paid the premiums. Good idea? Yes. Unfortunately, insurance companies have changed the game. It is called "profit".

Insurance companies are supposed to be merely administrators of our pooled money. They are supposed to be non-profit. They hold the premiums everybody pays, cover the expenses of their operation, like office and employee expenses, evaluate claims and pay them.

But something went wrong along the way. Insurance companies went public: they started selling stock. Now they have a responsibility to their stockholders to increase the value of their stock and even pay dividends, which has become a priority even above what insurance companies owe to the people that pay the premiums.

So, insurance companies are no longer motivated to pay justifiable claims; their primary purpose has warped into making a profit, and actually denying claims they should be paying. We all know of many stories of people who have suffered greatly or even died because their insurance company didn't pay their rightful claim.

Step in government. State governments are supposed to regulate insurance companies. Some states do it better than others. Florida is one of the worst.

Florida is notorious for have insurance commissioners and insurance commissions that are made up of former insurance executives who, instead of regulating the industry for consumers, make sure insurance companies and their executives make as much profit as possible. And it gets worse.

This year the Florida Legislature took away the Insurance Commissioner's ability to regulate insurance company rates. Insurance companies have always had to have government approval to increase rates. Not that the Insurance Commissioner in Florida ever did much of a job, but it was something. Now Florida is the only state I know of that has no regulation of insurance companies, who can now charge whatever they want and continue to pay their executives six figure and seven figure salaries on the backs of you and I who see unnecessary thousands of dollars of yearly premiums most of us can't afford!

And if you do have a chargeable accident, and couldn't have afforded that large insurance payment, the state of Florida can now take away your driving privileges.

I have been fighting insurance companies for consumers for over 35 years. If your insurance company won't pay your claim, or you have been sued by an insurance company, call (954) 335-7025 for a free consultation about your case. You will see me personally for my individualized and experienced expertise. Remember: EXPERIENCED, AGGRESSIVE and ALWAYS on YOUR SIDE.

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