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Miami Time-Sharing Attorney

Child Custody Lawyer in Hollywood, Florida

Florida has stepped away from the traditional child custody and visitation designations in favor of time-sharing arrangements. Although similar concepts, time sharing is based on the principle that both parents play an equally important role in a child's life. Thus, both parents should spend significant amounts of time with the child and take responsibility for his or her upbringing.

In more than 35 years of practice as an attorney, I have helped a number of families arrange time-sharing solutions that put their children's best interests first. I can help you do the same through mediation and other negotiation techniques, or in court if necessary. Contact the Law Office of Neil Leavitt, P.A., today to learn how I can assist with your family law matter.

Dealing With the Emotional Issues of Children in Divorce

Any family law issue is going to involve strong emotions, but this is especially true when the issue deals with children. Too often children are treated like commodities to be traded like stock, or as tools for revenge. As a Miami time-sharing lawyer, I always consider the emotional impact of every party involved, including any children. My objective is to help parents work through the issues to the benefit of their children.

One of the most highly contentious children issues actually takes place after the divorce — relocation with a child. Custodial parents must ask court permission prior to moving more than 50 miles away from their current location. Before the court grants permission, it will evaluate the motive for relocating and the potential benefits or harm it could have on a child. The noncustodial parent can view relocations as attempts to limit shared time, so it is important to get an attorney involved who can effectively represent your interests.

Contact the Law Office of Neil Leavitt, P.A.

To discuss your time-sharing issue with an experienced lawyer, contact me online or call 954-335-7025 for a no-cost consultation in the Hollywood, Florida, area.

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